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Best Rosé Wines For This Valentine's Day

Best Rosé Wines for Valentine's Day

Think of rosé as one of the most underrated but fast growing wine category out there. Excuses such as "It's pink!" or "It's so cliché!" should not determine a valid reason not to enjoy it. Instead, consider this:

Reasons to try rosé wines

  • Rosé ia an additional choice: it is a great alternative when a red wine lover cannot agree with a white wine lover.

  • Good rosé is not pricey: when prices for a single bottle of red or white can skyrocket, tasty rosé can still be within your budget.

  • Cannot decide on rosé? Pick a festive sparkling rosé, it suits most palates.

  • Rosé is food friendly: it pairs well with food, from simple appetizers and seafood to cheeses, tomato-based dishes and steaks. And fruity desserts, of course.

  • With rosé you can get a little fancy. You can have rosé any time of the day and still look classy.

Sparkling Rosé wines in Dublin

Nonetheless, it can get tricky when it comes to practice. Use our tips when selecting a bottle of rosé.

How to pick a good rosé

  1. Experiment and try new flavours. Be curious. You never know what wines may surprise you.

  2. Get a recent vintage. Unless you're looking for some aged wine, stick to younger harvests.

  3. Pay attention to that alcohol by volume. ABV above 11% will result in a drier wine. If you are searching for sweeter rosé options, pick bottles with lower ABV percentage, about 9%.

  4. Are you a fan of a particular grape variety or region? Look for rosé closer to your tastes: made in your favourite wine appellation or from the grapes you favour.

  5. When comparing the colours, think of the maceration process. For rosé the grapes are crushed and left on the grape skins, from a few hours to a week. The shorter the period, the lighter the colour. The longer the maceration, the richer flavour profile you will get.

  6. Do you prefer red wines? Look for "Saignée" on the label, it indicates that the wine was made using bleeding technique, a byproduct of red winemaking. It results in deeper colored, richer, fruitier styles of rosé.

Check out our 6 rosé suggestions, perfect for this St. Valentine's Day (or any day)!

Best Rosé wines picks

PARDALITO Vinho Verde Rosé DOC

Sweet, light, pink coloured wine from Vinho Verde region of Portugal. It has a slight presence of carbon dioxide, fruity notes in the scent and on the palate. Young and refreshing wine with balanced acidity. Great option for any day!

ABV: 9,5%

Country of origin: Portugal

Grapes: Vinhão, Espadeiro, Borraçal

€9,90 per bottle


Festive sparkling Prosecco rosé with dry floral notes. Perfect as an aperitif or to be paired with seafood.

ABV: 11,5%

Country of origin: Italy

Grapes: 85% Glera, 15% Pinot Nero

€22,90 per bottle

LIVE BIG! White Zinfandel

More and more people enjoy Californian Zinfandel these days. But we are obsessed with white Zinfandel, it is heavenly tasty! Strawberry cream and sweet cherry notes are just unbelievable. You won't want to pair it with food, it's amazing as it is.

ABV: 11,5%

Country of origin: USA

Grapes: Zinfandel

€14,90 per bottle

PALADIN Pinot Grigio Rosé DOC

The nose reminds Williams pear, dried flowers and wild strawberry. Best accompanied with shellfish and salads. Elegant classic Italian rosato.

ABV: 13%

Country of origin: Italy

Grapes: 100% Pinot Grigio

€14,90 per bottle

CASTELLO BONOMI Franciacorta Brut Rosé DOCG

Franciacorta Rosé is the ultimate selection of a wine connoisseur. In-bottle matured for at least 30 months, this superb wine expresses notes of berries and bread crust. Perfect as it is, our most favourite.

ABV: 12,5%

Country of origin: Italy

Grapes: 100% Pinot Nero

€39,90 per bottle

SILVERBOOM Special Reserve Pinotage Rosé

The grapes are harvested more ripe. The result is wild strawberry flavour with jammy notes of sour cherry. Cheeky dry tannins are lingering in the aftertaste.

ABV: 14%

Country of origin: South Africa

Grapes: Pinotage

€14,90 per bottle


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