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Is Vermouth a New Trend in Town?

Bordiga Vermouth and spirits wholesale in Ireland

It is an underrated part of your favourite cocktails: Negroni, Manhattan, Martini, you name it. Then how come only spirits get all the glory when it is Vermouth who makes the drastic change in the flavour profile of your drink?

What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is an aromatised fortified wine flavoured with herbs, roots and spices. It can be made of red, white and even rosé wine. Depending on the sugar level, vermouth varies from extra dry to more sweet types that bring additional juiciness. Surprisingly, vermouth is often treated solely as a cocktail ingredient, when there is a high chance you'll love it as it is: exceptionally versatile.

Bordiga Italian Vermouth in Ireland
Alpine roots

Bordiga's History and Values

Exceptionally versatile is exactly what comes to your mind when you taste Bordiga 1888 vermouth. Cuneo based Bordiga is a well-known Italian brand of classic herbal liqueurs and spirits produced according to historical recipes. Pietro Bordiga, the founder, invented his first recipe of Vermouth di Torino and opened the distillery in 1888 after the tremendous success of the product. Geographical location - close proximity to the Mediterranian and the Alps - plays the quintessential role in the final product's excellent quality. Over the years, Bordiga has expanded and earned recognition not only for its vermouth but the variety of other liqueurs and spirits: amaro, grappa, digestifs and more. The brand’s production is strongly based on preserving artisanal traditions and implementing sustainable philosophy and strict organic practices.

Hand-picked Alpine officinal herbs rich in essential oils, the finest oriental spices and roots, good Piedmontese wines, like Barolo and Barbaresco, the purest grain alcohol, the most refined sugar and the waters of the Alps are the core characteristics of the Bordiga liqueur range.

Bordiga Italian Vermouth Rosso in Ireland
Bordiga Vermouth range

Bordiga's Vermouth Range

Bordiga’s range of top-quality Vermouth di Torino includes four products:

  1. Vermouth Rosso - the secret of this Italian sweet vermouth is the fine Piedmont's Nebbiolo wine carefully mixed with selected white wines, herbal infusions, hand-picked spices and roots.

  2. Vermouth Bianco - this white vermouth is made according to the original recipe with simple and top-quality ingredients, Moscato and other wines and natural infusions that give it a unique and unmatched taste.

  3. Vermouth Extra Dry - a classic dry vermouth that drastically differs from its French counterparts. Its typical pale colour, the dry and slightly bitter flavour notes and an intense and persistent bouquet are the result of the historic recipe, which exalts the herbal infusions blended harmoniously with Moscato wine. Excellent on its own.

  4. Vermouth Excelsior - for the 130th anniversary Bordiga relaunched its historical Vermouth Excelsior. It is produced from Nebbiolo wine aged in wooden barrels for three years according to the traditional artisan recipe.

How to Drink Vermouth?

It is worth noting that vermouth can be great as aperitifs. Pour your favourite vermouth, add some ice and soda water, and garnish with a citrus peel. We suggest orange peels as its oils can accentuate the flavours of the vermouth you are serving. For cocktail lovers, the distillery suggests this recipe:


Stir the bitter and the vermouth on ice, add soda water and garnish with a lemon peel. Spray the finished cocktail with Bordiga Cardamom tincture.


Bordiga vermouth and other spirits are widely popular in a number of Irish cocktail venues and shops. Shop Bordiga products in Celtic Whiskey Shop. You can also check the entire Bordiga range on our website. For wholesale quota, please contact us directly.


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