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A Better Way To Foam A Cocktail

Ms Betters Bitters Miraculous Foamer

What if we told you there is an easier way to make your favourite whiskey sour? What if your vegan friend could have one too?

That's right, a frothy cocktail can be vegan. You don't have to worry about expiration date of those eggs in your fridge. Say no more to egg-white sticky stains on your kitchen counter. Say yes to "Ms. Better's Bitters" Miraculous Foamer.

Shop Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer in Ireland
Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer

Everyone loves foamy cocktails. Not everyone loves eggs. And it doesn't matter what camp you're in: makers or tasters. "Ms. Better's Bitters" Miraculous (indeed!) Foamer is a helpful addition to any cocktail enthusiast out there. This little bottle can substitute approximately 160 egg-whites and last forever. All you need is a third of a dropper to create an amazing cocktail with a long-lasting foam. See it yourself.


For our Mint Gin Sour cocktail we need:

  • Bordiga Smoke Gin

  • Bordiga Eucalyptus and Mint Liqueur

  • Lemon juice

  • Sugar syrup

  • Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer.


Pour 40 ml of the gin.

Bordiga Gin in Ireland
Bordiga Smoke Gin

Add 20 ml of the mint liqueur.

Bordiga Liqueurs in Ireland
Bordiga Eucalyptus and Mint

Balance it with 20 ml of lemon juice and 20 ml sugar syrup. To finish off add one third of a pipette (about 0.75 ml) of the Foamer and dry shake.

Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Vegan Foamer in Dublin

Proceed with wet shaking. Strain the cocktail in your favourite glass (we used martini glass) and garnish to taste, for example, with some fresh mint leaves:

Vegan cocktails

Alternatively, a variety of flavoured foams can be made to be layered on top of cocktails. Shake some flavouring (syrup, puree or liqueur), water and 1/3 dropper of Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer and slowly strain it into your cocktail. Be creative!

But meanwhile... Voila! Mint Gin Sour, ladies and gentlemen. Cheers!

Vegan foamer for cocktails


Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer

Functional bitter that adds a foam to your cocktails. Suitable for vegans. Shelf stable. No smell or flavour residue. Natural sediment may occur, disappears after shaking.

Size: 118 ml

ABV: 40%

Country: Canada

Ingredients: alcohol 40%, organic cane sugar, natural flavour extract, botanical extracts.


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