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Sangria: Perfect Summer Aperitif Recipe

Red Sangria white sangria recipe

After cold spring months fresh red sangria feels like such a reward. Imagine a backyard barbeque session with some chilled aperitif - heaven, right? By now everyone is well aware of spritz or its derivatives. But how about sangria?

Sangria is a fresh aperitif originating in Spain and Portugal. It is worth noting this lovely beverage can be red and white, depending on the wine you use as a base. There are a multitude of sangria recipes online, but today we want to share our favourite tips on how to perfect your summer sangria.

Red or white wine as a base

Opt for juicy medium-bodied red wines for a fuller, more complex experience. Pick your preferred white wine for a lighter and fresher alternative. Don't limit yourself to classic Tempranillo or Rioja: choose your regular favourite wine. This way the final sangria will be just splendid!

Spice it with a spirit

Yes, that's right. Add a touch of gin to the red sangria and a touch of vodka to the white sangria. No need to go crazy, a shot of it will do just fine.

Layer sweet or dry vermouth

Vermouth is an aromatised wine that adds depth to the sangria aperitif. Naturally red sweet vermouth goes well with red sangria and dry white vermouth with the white version. Easy!

Good part of the fruit liqueur

To get extra juiciness from your sangria, add a good portion of a fruit liqueur: cherry liqueur like Maraschino for red sangria, and elderflower or peach liqueur for white ones.

Best choice of fruits/herbs/spices

Pick the right fruits for your sangria. We advise apples, oranges and cinnamon for red sangria, and strawberries and mint for white sangria. Chop all the fruits, add the rest of the herbs/spices, add ice cubes and top up with plain soda or sweet lemonade to taste.


Alternatively, you can start with the easiest sangria recipe: your favourite bottle of wine, ice, soda and suitable fruits. But our tips guarantee the best possible flavour of your sangria and eventually the tastiest experience. Enjoy your sangria!


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