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The Jar Tales: New Premium Cocktails With No Fuss!

The Jar Tales premium ready to drink single serve classic cocktails

All cocktail lovers struggled at some point of their life. Having friends or family over, we all have been burdened by the duty of mixing liqueurs and garnishing the glasses. At our own party! Say no more to the pain of making cocktails and missing out on socialising! Now you have The Jar Tales!

The Jar Tales are premium ready-to-drink cocktails made in Ireland. Conveniently packed in jars, the tasty cocktails are single-served and made with high-quality natural ingredients. It's so easy to enjoy your favourite cocktails anywhere!

The Jar Tales Amaretto sour cocktail serving
Functional jar packaging plays a role of a cocktail shaker. Simply give the jar a good shake to reveal the foam. Pour in your favourite glassware or enjoy straight from the jar!

Unlike the rest of the ready-to-drink alcoholic drinks, cocktails and hard seltzers, The Jar Tales cocktails have a bar-like alcohol by volume, from 14% to 15%. All cocktails are made with high-quality Irish spirits and organic Italian premium liqueurs. With a standard sizing of 125 ml you get a classic cocktail in a jar and a feeling like you've just been to a cocktail bar.

But the best and the most unique part is that there is no raw egg-white among the ingredients! The Jar Tales uses a vegan foamer as an egg substitute, it creates a smooth long-lasting foam in the Sour cocktails without impairing the flavour of the drink. Now even a vegan person can treat oneself to an amazing whiskey sour!

There are six classic flavours: Amaretto Sour, Negroni, Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, Margarita and Mojito. That's how each cocktail is described by The Jar Tales on their website:

Vegan Amaretto sour cocktail in Dublin
Amaretto Sour
"Organic Italian Amaretto liqueur, made of almonds, and peach and apricot pits, blended with finest vodka and fresh citrus juices, lightly sweetened with organic sugar and topped with a vegan foaming bitter to allow that creamy foam we all love - that is our Amaretto Sour"

Premixed The Jar Tales Negroni cocktails in Ireland
"Nebbiolo-based superior Vermouth di Torino carefully mixed with herbal infusions, handpicked alpine roots and spices, historical Italian red bitter liqueur tempered with the sweetness of citrus, and classic gin - the three brothers going all the way to deliver the ultimate Italian experience"

Vegan Whiskey sour cocktail in Ireland
Whiskey Sour
"Incredible smooth Irish blended whiskey sourced locally paired with freshly squeezed lemon and lime juices, spiced with a dash of sugar and finished with the best vegan foamer makes it possible for everyone to enjoy one of the best cocktails in the world"

The Jar Tales premium cocktails in Ireland
Lemon Drop
"The ultimate zesty story to freshen you up: a large portion of our favourite Italian Limoncello liqueur made with Sorrento lemons, a pinch of premium vodka, a sour hint of citrus juices topped up with a tiny spoon of sugar to sweeten your tooth. Such a vibrant cocktail beloved by many"

The Jar Tales Margarita cocktails in Dublin, Ireland with delivery
"Festive tingling tequila, wrapped in soft layers of organic Italian liqueur made with bigarade oranges, and sprinkled with mouthwatering citrus juices and a touch of sugar syrup - you just cannot resist taking another sip of this Margarita"

Shop Mojito cocktail online
"Here is a recipe for a perfect sleepless summer night: cheeky rum, daring you to loosen up a bit, and organic Italian eucalyptus and mint liqueur, refreshing with every sip you take. All coated in a balanced mixture of citrus juices and sugars, our Mojito invites you to be in charge and add soda to your liking. Or not."

What we love the most is the convenience (because we all look for it!): the cocktails are portable enough to grab a couple of jars for a picnic, a party or a lazy movie evening. And even unopened all The Jar Tales cocktails go through a careful sealing process to guarantee their freshness for six months minimum. That means no pressure to finish all your cocktails right away.

Our top serving tips for The Jar Tales cocktails:

1. Chill the cocktails in the fridge before serving

2. Shake them before opening or as needed to allow for the foam to develop

3. Pour them in your favourite glassware or serve in the jars

4. Add ice if wanted

5. Garnish with lemon peel or your favourite ingredients

6. Once opened store the cocktails in the fridge for up to 3 days

7. If natural sediment occurs, don't worry, just shake the jar to carefully mix it

8. Store the unopened cocktails in a dark cool place

9. Tip for pros: pour the contents of the jar in your shaker, wet and dry shake, then single strain in your glassware. Works every time!



Shop all The Jar Tales cocktails on our website:

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