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The days are balmy and the nights cool in the Central Coast. With the moderate temperatures in the area, the grapes ripen slowly, and the fruit in the grapes develops perfectly with lots of good taste and nice acidity. The wine gets a high intensity, a nice intense color and a nice fruity character.

Passionate winemakers work with the vineyards to ensure that the grapes used for Beyond Big are of the highest quality. They regularly visit the vineyards to personally taste the grapes before harvest.

Harvesting takes place at night to keep the grapes cool and fresh. The must undergoes a soaking for two days before the fermentation takes place over 7-10 days together with the grape skin. The wine matures on American and French oak for 9 months. The casks are between 3 and 7 years old, and the wine thereby obtains extremely well-integrated notes from the oak.


BEYOND BIG! is a superharmonic, soft and full-bodied wine packed with juicy fruits such as blackberries, cherries and a little vanilla and spice from the 9 months in oak. Enjoy the wine with a barbecue, pasta dishes or with a few pieces of delicious dark chocolate. Comes in a branded packaging of 4 bottles. Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C.