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Bordiga's White vermouth is made according to the original recipe with simple and top quality ingredients, wines and natural infusions that give it a unique and unmatched taste.


Bordiga created its first vermouth when the business was founded in 1888. From that moment on the distillery has been carrying a very long tradition of excellence and quality assurance. The best Piedmont's wines and the best Alpine herbs are carefully mixed with exotic spices from East Africa to make the traditional Turin's vermouth with the "Superior Quality" label.


You can get this Vermouth Bianco in a Mixed Box of wines, spirits and/or cocktails. Contact us via this form to create your own mixed order or keep adding products until you have 6 items in the cart. Minimum order for wines and spirits is 6 bottles. Happy shopping!

BORDIGA Vermouth Bianco

SKU: BOR5591