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Santa Conchita is recognised as a supplier of fine wines with typical grape character from Chile. The elongated country of South America has a long and proud wine history, which can be dated many hundreds of years back, but only after 1850 was production really put in a fixed framework. French specialists were hired to study the conditions, in order to find the grape varieties that were best suited to the soil and climate of central Chile. The climate is similar in many ways to that found in the French Mediterranean, though with a significant "detail" the cold, polar Humboldt current. It runs along the coast of Chile, and has a major impact on the climate of the wine districts. The specialists' choice therefore fell on the classic French grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon-Blanc, etc.


Santa Conchita Merlot comes from the Chilean wine district Central Valley - south of the capital Santiago. The wine is produced on the noble red Bordeaux grape Merlot, which matures under the influence of the warm, dry climate and the fresh, cool winds from the Pacific Ocean. The vinification is traditional.


This is soft, fruity wine with notes of plum and ripe berries. It is a fine companion to red meat, barbecue dishes, veal, lamb, pork, pizza, pasta and cheese. Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C.


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