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10 Spirits Trends in 2024

spirits trends in 2024

As we are in 2024, the spirits industry is witnessing several exciting trends driven by shifting consumer preferences and innovative production methods. Here are some notable trends to keep an eye on:

1. Sustainable and Organic Spirits

Consumers are increasingly opting for eco-friendly choices. Sustainable production techniques and organic ingredients are becoming more popular, with distilleries focusing on environmental responsibility.

2. Ready-to-Drink Cocktails (RTDs)

The popularity of RTDs continues to rise, offering convenience without sacrificing quality. Expect a wider range of sophisticated and diverse flavour profiles in canned cocktails.

3. Low and No-Alcohol Spirits

The mindful drinking movement is boosting demand for low and no-alcohol options. These products cater to those who wish to enjoy the social aspects of drinking without the intoxicating effects.

4. Craft and Small-Batch Production

Craft spirits are valued for their unique, artisanal quality. Small-batch production allows distilleries to experiment with new flavours and techniques, appealing to connoisseurs.

5. Experimental Flavours and Infusions

Innovative flavour infusions and unusual ingredients are trending. From botanical gins to barrel-aged cocktails, the exploration of new tastes is captivating adventurous drinkers.

6. Heritage and Authenticity

There is a growing appreciation for heritage brands and traditional production methods. Consumers are interested in the stories behind their favourite spirits, valuing authenticity and history.

7. Tech Integration

Smart technology is being integrated into the spirits industry. From blockchain for verifying authenticity to AI-driven recommendations, tech is enhancing the consumer experience.

8. Whisky Renaissance

Whisky remains a strong trend, with particular interest in single malts and craft bourbons. Innovations in ageing processes and unique cask finishes are keeping enthusiasts engaged.

9. Personalisation

Customisable spirits, from bespoke labels to personalised blends, are becoming popular. This trend caters to gift-giving and special occasions, offering a personal touch.

10. Premiumisation

There is a marked shift towards premium and ultra-premium spirits. Consumers are willing to invest in higher quality products, appreciating the craftsmanship and superior taste.

As these trends shape the spirits industry in 2024, consumers can look forward to a more diverse, innovative, and sustainable selection of beverages to enjoy. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a spirits aficionado, there’s something exciting on the horizon for everyone.

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