The Jar Tales cocktails


Off and On Trade Supply of Wines, Spirits and Cocktails

VP Merchants is an Irish wine wholesale company. We offer wines, spirits and cocktails for all off and on trade businesses in the Republic of Ireland. That means if your business is an off licence, a restaurant, an event catering, a hotel, a wedding planning, an airline or any licensed business, we can help you. 

Originally trading as Via Piemonte - a name inspired by the famous Italian region of Piedmont - our company has grown to be known as VP Merchants. Back in 2018 we started importing Italian wines from small family-owned producers implementing manual harvesting and organic practices. It has been our passion since - bringing less known, underestimated brands and wines to Ireland. 

Simultaneously we have expanded into Italian liqueurs and spirits, bringing a variety of vermouths, amaros, grappa and digestifs from an Italian brand Bordiga 1888. Bordiga’s top-quality Vermouth di Torino is widely used in a number of Irish cocktail venues.

Since 2019 we have been strong supporters of Canadian brand Ms Better’s Bitters - a Vancouver based producer of superior bitters, syrups, purees and the world's first vegan botanical foamer. VP Merchants is a sole importer of Ms Better’s Bitters in Ireland, and we are happy to supply this best selling product to a large number of bars and even individual clientele.

In late 2020 we introduced The Jar Tales to our portfolio - an Irish brand of bar-quality cocktails in jars. Being single served, the cocktails are convenient to enjoy anywhere you go: picnics, events or a takeaway treat from your favourite restaurant. The Jar Tales cocktails are popular among independent shops, venues and gift hampers services across ROI.

To this day, VP Merchants offers a wide portfolio of wines, spirits and cocktails to off licences and restaurants in Ireland. We offer other services, such as private labeling, private import of wines and spirits, supply of fine wines and rare vintages to private collectors or businesses, wine and spirits tastings and training, tailoring wine menus for restaurants and bars, and sale of large amounts of wines to individual customers.​

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