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Best Margarita Cocktail Recipe: Tips and Tricks

Margarita cocktails recipe Dublin, Ireland

What is one of the most popular cocktails of all time, that is sweet, tart and a bit salty? Classic version or frozen, with tequila or mezcal, lime sour or jalapeño spicy, it's been there for decades. Its name is Margarita.

What do you need to make this heavenly tasty cocktail?

Margarita cocktail recipe


  • 45 ml silver tequila

  • 25 ml fresh lime juice

  • 30 ml orange liqueur

  • coarse salt

  • agave syrup to taste


Squeeze fresh lime juice and cut the lime wedges - we will need it later. Mix 45 ml of white tequila with 25 ml of lime juice and 30 ml of orange liqueur. Tip 1: use the orange liqueur that tastes good on its own. If you hate triple sec, the chances are you won't like your Margaritas just the same. Add some agave syrup, you can find it next to honey or sweeteners at your local supermarket, 20-25 ml will be plenty.

Meanwhile, salt the rim. Run a lime wedge around the rim and then dip the glass in a good quality salt. Tip 2: try to salt only half of the rim, this way your guests have a choice to sim from both sides of the glass. Add ice cubes to the shaker with the ingredients, shake vigorously and strain the cocktail in your favourite glassware. Don't get crazy, a simple rocks glass will work magic! Now garnish the glass by adding the fresh lime wedge. Yumm!

You can always upgrade the recipe. Prefer smoky complex flavours? Use mezcal instead of tequila. Like a hint of spice? Muddle one or two slices of chilli or jalapeño prior to adding other ingredients. Craving for more fruity flavours? Add some fresh orange juice instead of agave. There are so many ways to experiment with Margarita recipes!


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