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Glassware You May Need At Home For Your Cocktails

Cocktail glasses that you need at home

It is all about the ultimate experience. Drinking your favourite cocktail from a very nice looking glass feels 100% better. Truth be told, if you aren't picky, even a coffee mug would do the job. But if you want to elevate your cocktail serving habits, you may just need at least one of these 6 cocktail glasses.

Shot glass

Shot cocktail glass

This is fairly straightforward: for people enjoying a quick kick, a 30 ml shot glass will be a must-have! A round of tequila shots, B-52 or my personal favourite - pear Absolute vodka shots with slices of fresh pears sprinkled with cinnamon. Yumm!

Highball glass

Highball cocktail glass

Here I mean a tall glass. It is great for serving a large volume cocktail with lots of ice and garnish (think sprigs of mint, rosemary, celery, etc.). Too complicated? Serve a quick mixed drink in it too! Vodka soda, gin and tonic, whiskey ginger lime, anything at all! Serve your Mojitos, Tom Collins, Bloody Mary or even Moscow Mule. Just be careful: the glasses may be quite large, so if you don't want to get hammered fast, consider getting medium sized highballs.

Coupe glass

Coupe cocktail glass

These glasses will be ideal for most cocktails, for example our favourite Amaretto or Whiskey Sour. Coupes look so classy and sophisticated, you won't probably need anything else! Such glasses hold just the right amount of cocktail, meaning you can have a cocktail with no shame. If you're not a neat drinker, you may just need a slightly larger coupe to avoid spilling. Tip: enjoy your Champagne from a coupe! Any sparkling wine made with the traditional method will reveal more flavours in a coupe.

Martini glass

Martini cocktail glass

Martini glasses are considered to be super classic glassware to stirred and clear cocktails, such as gin or vodka martini. I love serving our Lemon Drop in Martini glasses, it elevates the entire experience! Due to the glass angle, the cocktail pours right into your mouth. Martini glass is also great for Espresso Martinis!

Margarita glass

Sombrero glass for Margarita cocktails

When I hear Margarita, I think of Sombrero glasses. They look so funky! Serve your Margaritas right: dip the Sombrero rim in salt or spicy mix and garnish with lime. Unfortunately, Sombrero glasses are quite bulky to store and don't suit other cocktails. My advice is to invest in such glassware only if you're a true fan of Margaritas. If you enjoy an occasional Margarita, I believe Rocks glass will do the job just fine.

Rocks glass

Rocks cocktail glass

From a single rock glass to a double, this is the most versatile cocktail glass in the world. Serve your spirits neat or on the rocks, as well as more complicated cocktails, such as Old Fashioned. Rocks glass is perfect for mixed drinks like vodka cranberry, and can easily fit a nicely garnished Margarita, no problem. Personally, I enjoy Negroni cocktails in a rocks glass, with a bit of ice and an orange slice. Perfect glassware to moderate the cocktail consumption.


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