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We love Bag In Box concept! It has a number of advantages:

  • Lighter than glass packaging, easier to transport
  • BIB packaging preserves the quality of the wine better than a bottle, no light or oxygen affects the wine, so it stays fresh for weeks!
  • It's better for the environment: corrugate requires a lot less energy to produce than glass and the outer box and bag are recyclable
  • Cheaper than buying 4 separate glass bottles
  • Party friendly


Do You Feel Lucky is a unique red wine made using traditional methods but with a special twist. After the malolactic fermentation, 50% of the blend is aged in American oak barrels to give extra complexity and fullness. The grapes are hand-picked from nine-year-old vines that grow in calcareous and clayey soil.


The wine's dramatic dark and purple hues are inviting, and its aromas of blueberries, plums and licorice will tantalize the senses. A touch of American oak pairs excellently with the wine's velvety texture. Pickled dark fruits and spicy aromas add a lovely depth of flavor and are excellent with any meal. Do you feel LUCKY Zinfandel will make you feel lucky and its lingering aftertaste will leave you wanting more!

This bold and magnificent Zinfandel wine is an excellent companion to any meal - from Italian pizza to an American burger.

Do you feel LUCKY? Zinfandel American Oak BIB

  • Size

    3 L

  • ABV


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