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Gin Engine is the London Dry Gin produced in Alta Langa, Italy, and bottled by hand.


Made entirely with Italian and organic ingredients, this Gin is inspired by Rosolio, a famous cordial made from sage and lemon. A Gin capable of combining the frankness of its recognizable aesthetic with a careful selection of herbs, fruits and roots such as sage, lemon, licorice root, Damask rose, essential oils and juniper.


Transparent in color, it has direct hints of sage and medicinal herbs on the nose, finished on the bottom by the angularity of the lemon peel. On the palate it is pleasant and compact, providing an intact sip and crossed by notes of licorice and juniper with references to lemon and dried sage. With a persistent and very refreshing taste.


Definitely to be enjoyed with ice or tonic water.


Comes in a gift pack with two metal cups.

Engine Pure Organic No. 1 Gin + 2 Metal Cups Gift Set

  • Size

    500 ml

  • ABV


  • Country


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