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The grapes are very fragrant and, to preserve the aroma, the harvest is carried out at night, during the freshest hours and in the absence of oxygen. The fermentation is, starting from the must, carried at a temperature of 13° C, closing the vents at the right moment to obtain the perfect strength, foam and sugar residue.


This Moscato has a bright straw yellow colour with pleasant green flashes. The nose is extremely expressive and refined, aromatic, from the unmistakable, joyful citrus notes. In the mouth there is an embracing, harmonious sweetness, pleasantly supported by a great liveliness. It’s a sparkling wine that pairs beautifully with delicate creamy cakes and is excellent even with fruit dishes. Serving temperature: 6-8° C.

PALADIN Sparkling Moscato

SKU: PAL5647
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    750 ml

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