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Italian Wines To Try This February

Best Italian wines to try in February

February is an odd month. You can still crave for some full-bodied red wine to warm up your palate late evening in front of the fireplace, however as spring approaches (quite slowly, we may say) there is a growing interest for fresh whites, so versatile in flavours, from buttery rich, zesty light to completely sweet. But curiously, February may be the only month, apart from hot summer time, that boosts the sales of rosé just for one day. So don’t you forget to indulge yourself and your loved ones with a glass of dry pink on St. Valentine’s Day!

At the same time shelves are busy with offers that it is rarely possible to pick just one bottle and quickly proceed to checkout. We know ourselves how frustrating it can be. Consider this to be a ‘wine lover curse’ - to have a great choice but not the ability to try all of it. But the only thing you can do is to start somewhere.

That’s why we give you 4 different wine suggestions for this February from each category. This way any wine enthusiast can find something that suits one’s tastes to celebrate Drink Wine Day held on February 18th. So cheers to that!


Red Wine

Castelvecchi vineyards are located on the highest hills in the heart of Radda in Chianti at 400-600 m altitude. The hand harvest happens in the first week of October to maximise the ripening of the bunches. The refining takes place in French oak barriques or in big barrels. Blend of 88% Sangiovese and 12% Canaiolo, this particular Chianti has beautiful red ruby colour with intense purple shades. The scents of red fruits prevail, the wine expresses flavours of slightly spiced ripe red fruit, such as blueberry, cherry and plum. Pair it with hearty meals: baked red meat and cheeses of medium maturing. Serve at 18 °C.


White Wine

The vineyards are located on the clay-limestone soil that brings all the typical flavours in vines. Pralis, for example, is a refined blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes with a pale yellow colour. Bouquet is delicate and intense at the same time. At the beginning you catch stone fruits and citrus, then vegetal notes. The flavour of white flowers and acacia honey hit the palate finishing off with the lingering minerality of the grapes. Such wine would be amazing as it is, so no food alters your senses. If you are feeling confident enough, pair it with cheeses, such as pecorino, parmesan or grana padano. Serve at 8 °C.



Cascina Carlot's vineyards are praised for their Moscato wines, organic production and simply breathtaking views of the Piedmont hills. The winery is ruled by principles of biodiversity and renewable energy. Grignolino is a red grape variety. So how come we put it under rosé category? Peculiar thing: the grape skins are removed way earlier than usual, giving the wine that pale ruby red colour and very soft tannins. Light strawberry and cranberry flavours give perfect amount of acidity to the wine. It is a great alternative for people who don't usually drink rosé or sweet wines. Serve it at 14 °C with some appetizers and cheese.


Sparkling Wine

The vineyards of Bosco del Merlo are situated between Veneto and Friuli, two Italian regions with immense wine-making traditions. The territories benefit from sea breezes on one side and the influence of the equidistant Carnic Pre-Alps on the other. This ensures a micro-climate with good temperature ranges. This multi-awarded Prosecco was produced with the best grapes of its 2019 vintage. Floral aromas and notes of apple and pear on the palate are accompanied by the fine perlage. This is a beautifully dry brut that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with seafood, vegetables and appetizers. Serve it at 6 °C.


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