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Don Papa Rum Masskara reaches us from the Philippines, more precisely from the island of Negros, which was even affectionately christened "Sugar Island". For centuries it has offered ideal conditions for cultivation. What is special about this Don Papa is that it has been flavoured, so it can be considered Spiced Rum.


The blend of several small batch distillates matured in oak barrels. The flavouring with honey, Calamansi and Siling Lubayo takes place afterwards. The aromas make this Don Papa not only delicious, but also Filipino. Sweet, spicy and fruity it seduces with a certain twist.


Olaf Hajek immortalized himself on the label of this Don Papa. Plants and traditional symbols match the Filipino character of the drink. A bottle that - typical for Don Papa - can be wonderfully presented on the bar shelf.

Don Papa Masskara Rum