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Amaro Averna Italian Bitter Liqueur is an exquisite and authentic Sicilian amaro that carries with it more than 150 years of Sicilian heritage and tradition. Its captivating herbal flavour profile makes it one of the most approachable and beloved bitter liqueurs in the world. Crafted with care and using time-honoured recipes, Averna offers a full-bodied and smooth taste experience that delights the senses. This Italian bitter liqueur is a true testament to the art of distillation, blending carefully selected herbs and botanicals to achieve a harmonious and unique taste. With its well-balanced blend of sweet and bitter notes, Amaro Averna stands out as a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and passion for producing exceptional liqueurs. 


Averna's versatility allows it to shine in various serving styles, making it a fantastic choice as a digestif after a hearty meal. It's especially delightful when enjoyed over ice during the warm summer months, providing a refreshing and satisfying experience for those seeking a moment of relaxation and indulgence.

Averna Amaro Siciliano