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Firestarter has already made a name for itself with Firestarter Vodka in the special designer bottle reminiscent of a fire extinguisher. Now the unusual bottles are back. In the usual design, but this time in blue. As a further innovation, Firestarter has now also ventured into the world of gin. Although the bottle is reminiscent of a fire extinguisher as usual, its contents, as the name suggests, have exactly the opposite effect. This gin will ignite the fire in you with its warmth, pleasant tingle and passion.


With its unusual bottle design, Firestarter Gin is the perfect gift if you're looking for something a little more unusual. Because with this gin, there's never a dull moment. The top quality of this premium gin also makes it perfect for making friends with your loved ones. "Friends don't let friends drink bad gin" is the motto and with Firestarter Gin you are indeed giving away a premium gin of the best quality.


Firestarter Gin is a dry gin with an exceptional aroma. In its bottle, pine sap aroma meets pine needle aroma, accompanied by a slight spiciness of pepper. Above this is a pure and juniper-like aroma, which is also evident in the finish.