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This is a gorgeous wine from one of the most famed regions for Riesling in the world, the Mosel valley.


Made by 13th-generation J.J. Karp, this is an off-dry Riesling that captures the essence of the estate's history and respect for biodiversity and terroir. Flavours of apple, citrus apricot and blossom with honey notes, make this a really charming and delicious wine.


The tradition of carp fishing in the Mosel is a well-established one with records dating to the 17th century of the Karp family doing just this while also owning vineyard land in the same region.

Marriage joined the family to the Schreiber family in 1900 and since then they have kept the Karp part of their practices to the name. The winery is now run in large part by Jobst-Julius Karp who honed his winemaking skills in Australia, South Africa, California and New Zealand before returning to the Mosel.


His international experience is telling in the wines he makes as they possess a charm and immediacy that breaks down barriers, much in the same way that the simplicity of the labels does the same.

These are really friendly wines; this, his very personal