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We love Bag In Box concept! It has a number of advantages:

  • Lighter than glass packaging, easier to transport
  • BIB packaging preserves the quality of the wine better than a bottle, no light or oxygen affects the wine, so it stays fresh for weeks!
  • It's better for the environment: corrugate requires a lot less energy to produce than glass and the outer box and bag are recyclable
  • Cheaper than buying 4 separate glass bottles
  • Party friendly


Mafi Rosso, Il Grande Vino Rosso d'Italia is made from grapes from selected wine regions in Italy, hence the name "Migliore Selezione d'Italia". The grapes grow primarily in sandy and clayey soil, where the many hours of sunshine ensure wonderfully ripe grapes with lots of power. This results in a wine with intense taste, nice complexity and high alcohol. The grapes are harvested gently in the second half of October. The grape skins are then left in the must for four days at 4 ° C, and the fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature for 10-12 days. A portion of the wine matures for six months on oak before the entire wine is bottled and each gets its own characteristic label, one for each Mafi Rosso member.


Mafi Rosso Il Grande Vino has a penetrating deep red colour and an intense aroma characterised by flattering berries. The scent itself can make even the gentlest lamb trust a mafia boss, so just wait until you taste it. In the mouth, the wine is full-bodied and inviting with lots of fruit and delicious spicy undertones, elegantly wrapped in notes from the partial storage on oak. A wine to suit any Don. Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C. Decant or aerate to your tasting.



5 stars - VinAvisen (20-04-2020)

"A nice red wine with fruitiness and marked sweetness that many will probably like. In the taste cherries and a touch of barrel aging..."


Vintage 2018 Awards:

94 points  - Luca Maroni